Festival Concerts

Fr 18. August 2017 | 20:00 | St. Jacob's Cathedral

San Giovanni Battista

Lawrence Zazzo (San Giovanni Battista) 
Arianna Vendittelli (Salome) 
Luigi De Donato (Herode) 
Fernando Guimarães (Consigliere) 
Emilie Renard (Herodias)

Academia Montis Regalis (Orchestra) 
Alessandro De Marchi (Musical direction & harpsichord)

Florian Huber (sermon)

Alessandro Stradella: San Giovanni Battista, Oratorium
Sätze aus Triosonaten von Lelio Colista und Carlo Ambrogio Lonati
Historische Predigt aus der Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

His life was full of amorous adventures. And even church music by Alessandro Stradella is filled with sensual melodies and captivating harmonies. Stradella developed the oratorio, as created by Carissimi in Rome, further with “San Giovanni Battista”. In the process, he transformed the historicising narration into a lively drama.

“It’s very close to being an opera”, Alessandro De Marchi commented about the sacred-music masterpiece. “With this in mind, the spectacular character of Salome becomes the central figure, as her actions set the rest of the plot in motion.” She is thus the antagonist of the eponymous St John the Baptist in Stradella’s oratorio. Dramatic countertenor Lawrence Zazzo will sing the title role. Arianna Vendittelli, celebrated in 2016 for her performance in a Cesti opera, will play the part of Salome. Further roles will be sung by other winners of the Cesti competition, all of whom have since made a career for themselves on the international music scene. In line with the Roman oratorio tradition, a sermon will be preached between the two parts of the work.

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